We all know the feeling, you hit a website once and had no intention of buying but then you find yourself stalked across the web for months by these annoying remarketing banner ads. This kind of “re-stalk-eting” best exemplifies the problem of the Follower (retargeting) and textual analytics approach which leads to consumer frustration and erosion of the brand value.

Leveraging URL and APPs usage collected from the network operator pipes, iOi’s structural analytics creates a unique prediction of the consumer’s next step based on heterogenity and homogeneous digital behavior as well as the social effect of consumption which identifies the digital social influencers that their purchase influences purchases by others


iOi’s unique holistic social structure analytical engine understands the consumer intent and behavior by correlating between his real social ties (as opposed to virtual), analysis of his digital behavior through use of applications, browsing habits, loyalty programs and location information to create a digital lifestyle profile that encompasses his interests, digital age and socio-economic profile. These consumer digital profiles enable iOi to provide predictions based on consumer intent and interests rather than using text mining and retargeting to try and elicit consumer response.


With the insights created by iOi, advertisers will have a consumer behavior dashboard at their hands where they will finally be able to fully comprehend who their customers are and the real potential of their products. No longer will advertisers be required to spend millions in wasted exposures – iOi will ensure that advertisements are viewed by focused audiences, with the right frequency and at the right time.

About us

iOi is a big data analytics media company that has developed a new prediction model for Advertising and eCommerce personalization leveraging data from the network operators. Using this prediction model and through iOi’s integration with top publishers and eCommerce shops iOi creates a True personalized experience delivering individualized advertising, coupons offers and product recommendations.

Founded 2015

Installed and working with the biggest operators and publishers in Israel

Over 3M user profiles

Over 30% increase in Conversion Rates



VP Business Development. Served for 13 years as CEO of ZenithOptimedia Group part of Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest communications group.


over 17 years of experience in launching innovative digital services for tier 1 operators.


(PhD in mobile social network) over 15 years of professional experience in Data Research.


Digital pioneer founded the first digital media agency in Israel


First external investment round was made in 2017. A leading private equity investment group Clear-Future invested in iOi.